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config::TargetConfig Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Represents the parsed configuration for a particular build target.

Currently, this is just an abstraction of the lists of packages to build
for each target.  In the future, this may be extended to include other
target specific build configurations.

The configuration file format is the standard Python ConfigParser
format.  Each config option is considered to be a white-space separated
set of values.  The configuration for a particular architecture and
variant should be given in a section named:


So, for example, for an "armel", with a "generic" variant, the section
name should be:


Each section has a special option "parent."  The "parent" attribute is
treated as a single string instead of a list, and specifies another
config section to inherit values from.  A child section can override, or
modify the options in the parent section by specifying its own version
of the options as follows.

    foo: yay wee
    bar: hello bonjour
    baz: bye

    parent: my-parent
    foo: override the value
    +bar: hello wazzzzzup
    -baz: bye

In this example, the resulting configuration for target-armel-generic

  foo: set(['override', 'the', 'value'])
  bar: set(['hello', 'bonjour', 'wazzzzzup'])
  baz: set([])

Basically, if you respecify the option in a child, it overrides the
parent's value unless you specify it with a '+' or '-' prefix.  If you
give it a '+' or '-' prefix, it will respectively do set union, or set
subtraction to obtain the final value for target-armel-generic.

Definition at line 58 of file config.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def architecture
def blacklist
def builddep_whitelist
def cross_blacklist
def InitializeFromConfigs
def MergeConfig
def native_import
def native_import_source
def options
def parallel_blacklist
def variant
def whitelist

Private Member Functions

def _ProcessTargetConfigs

Private Attributes


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